Smiley face




This happened when Debbie was training to become a nurse.


注射の打ち方を学ぶため パートナーと組んでお互いに注射をするクラスが

ありました。日本と違ってお尻に注射をうつのですが、初めての時は かなり緊張するそうです。


The students were asked to make a pair and practice giving a shot to each other

Not like in Japan, they practice giving shots on their bottom

They usually get nervous on their first shot.





Debbie had given shots before, but it was the first time for her partner. She looked very worried. Then Debbie thought about something.

She got some stickers from her 5 year old daughter the night before.

Right before the class, she went to a bathroom and put stickers on her bottom.




緊張した面持ちで、いざ注射を打とうとデビーのズボンを下げると  なんと!

デビーのお尻は スマイリーフェースのシールだらけ。

それを見て パートナーもクラスメートもみんな大笑い


Now class started and it is her partner’s turn to give a shot.

Her partner, looking very nervous, lowered Debbie’s pants to give a shot.

Then what did she see !

Debbie’s bottom was covered with smiley faces! ! !

Her partner burst into laughing. Her classmates laughed , too.




Debbie knows that humor can relax people. If her partner is relaxed the shot doesn’t hurt as much.


★著書「ユーモアコミュニケーション 場の雰囲気を一瞬で変える!」