English follows after Japanese.  

今日から広島で トーストマスターズ全国大会スピーチコンテストが開催されます。


8年前の5月 広島の全国大会に参加した時のことです。


頭痛、腹痛 吐き気 食欲不振


会場では、気持ちが悪くなったらすぐ退室できるよう 後ろの方に座りました。





その次のスピーチもユーモア満載のスピーチで 大声をあげて笑っていました。 





コンテストが終わるころには、気分が大分 良くなり





その後 笑い、ユーモアを学ぶようになって、笑いには鎮痛作用があることを知りました。




アメリカの「サタディ・レビュー」の編集者のノーマン カズンズ氏は








今日の会場の皆さんも ぜひ大声をあげて笑ってほしいと思います。 

特に普段声をあげて笑う習慣がない人は いいチャンスです。




今週 青山ランチトーストマスターズクラブでしたスピーチの一部です。


(This is a part of my speech at Aoyama Lunch Toastmasters club) 


8 years ago I went to the Toastmaster’s speech contest in Hiroshima.

I was so excited. Okonomiyaki must taste  delicious!

But unfortunately, I got sick two days before the conference.

I had a bad headache, stomachache, I couldn’t eat anything.


I went there anyway.

When I arrived at the contest venue, I sat at the back seat so that I could run to the bathroom whenever I felt really sick.      I was that bad.

In the worst case, I was going to go back to the hotel and rest.


Then the Japanese speech contest started.

The first speech was very funny. . I laughed a lot.

The second speech was even funnier.

I laughed and laughed.

By the time when the contest was over, I was feeling much better.

Believe it or not, I was able to attend the party and eat some of the food. I couldn’t believe myself.

Later, I learned that Laughter reduces pain in two ways.


First it’s a great distraction from your pain.

Second, laughter produces endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers,


Norman Cousins, an editor of the Saturday Review was diagnosed with incurable disease.


However, he believed that laughter was the best medicine so he started his own laughter program.

He watched comedy every day and laughed and laughed.


He claims that10 minute of belly laughter gave him 2 hour sleep without pain.



I hope more and more people learn to laugh out loud

Because “Laughter is the best medicine ! ”