It was wonderful to see my AATH family after one year.!

( Association for Applied Therapeutic Humor)

It was my 5th conference. 



AATH 米国ユーモアセラピー協会)






There were keynote speeches and 5 breakout sessions.

Each session has 3 or 4 workshops and you have to choose one of them.



8人のスピーカーによる基調講演 および 5つのブレイクアウトセッション。 各セッションには、3~4のワークショップがあり、一番興味があるものに参加します。


I can’t write about all of them but the topic of the sessions  are, for example,


The power and Purpose of Play in the Classroom

Gender and Ethnic Differences in Humor

Clowning in a Variety of Healthcare Settings

What Humans Can Learn from Dos about Play  






*性別 民族によるユーモアの違い